Best Generator for Your Apartment – 7 Reviews and Comparison

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Best Generator for Apartment

The nightmare of power outages is all too familiar to apartment dwellers. Whether it’s due to a storm or your neighbor tripping the building’s circuit breaker, suddenly being unable to cook or watch TV can be a source of significant frustration.

Investing in the best generator for apartments can be a great solution to this problem. Depending on your power needs, an apartment-friendly generator can provide a reliable power source. But which one should you choose?

Most people need help finding the right generator for an apartment. That’s why we’ve put together this comprehensive guide to the best generator for apartments.

Best Gas Budet Pick
PowerSmart Gas Generator

Ideal for Home Use but also portable for Outdoors

  • Most Affortable with High Output
  • Automatic low oil shut-off
  • Different sizes available
Premium Pick
Anker 767 Solar Generator

Best choice for eco-friedly home

  • Highly efficient solar battery
  • Multiple outlets for powering multiple appliances
  • Low carbon footprint
Best Overall
DuroMax XP13000HXT 500cc Tri Fuel Generator

You get what you pay for!

  • Flexibility in its power source
  • Solution for portable home power
  • Up to 13,000W

What are The 7 Best Generators For Apartments?

Whether you need an alternative power source for your appliances or want to keep the lights on during a blackout, you need a reliable generator. It is especially important if you work from home, as some jobs rely on having a power source at all times. Also, live in an area prone to hurricanes, floods, or other natural disasters. A generator can help you be prepared for the worst.

Here are some of the best generator options for apartments. The analysis is based on power output, noise levels, and size.

In Short:

  1. Anker 767 Solar Generator – Premium Pick: Easy to Store and Transport, Low Carbon Footprint
  2. DuroMax XP13000HXT 500cc – Best Overall: High Output: 13,000W
  3. PowerSmart Gas Generator – Gas -Powered Budget Pick
  4. G-POWER Solar Generator – Solar-Powered Budget Pick: Most Affordable and Lightweight
  5. Westinghouse 12500 Peak Watt Tri Fuel – Most Power Output: Up to 9500W
  6. Jackery Solar Generator – The Most Quiet Generator
  7. Generac 7127 IQ3500 – Excellent Product
Anker 767 Solar Generator
Anker 767 Solar Generator


Battery Capacity: 2048Wh

Solar Panel Array: 5x200W

Voltage: 110V - 240V

Portable: 42.3 lbs/87.3 Pounds - on Wheels

The Anker 767 Solar Generator is a great renewable energy source for apartments. It features an efficient and powerful solar battery that is recharged via solar, wall outlet, or car charger.

It also includes a 5×200 watt solar panel array that helps charge the battery more quickly and efficiently.

The battery capacity of 2048Wh can provide up to 2400 watts of power for your appliances, making it ideal for powering most household items. This portable solar generator is a good option for targeting a zero-carbon footprint. It has several safety features, including short-circuit and overvoltage protection, so you can rest assured that your devices are safe from any power spikes.

The generator has four AC outlets, two DC outlets, and one USB-C port to power multiple appliances simultaneously. It is lightweight and highly portable, making it ideal for taking the road.

The 3-Mode angle adjustment and foldable design of the solar panels allow you to adjust them to capture maximum sunlight. At the same time, the LCD screen shows real-time power information. 

Also, the solar panel’s IP67 waterproof rating ensures durability even in harsh weather conditions.

The Anker 767 solar generator package includes the following:

  • A power station.
  • Two solar panels.
  • Two car charger cables.
  • A 3m solar charging cable.
  • A user manual.
  • A 24-month warranty.

It is backed by a 5 years warranty for your peace of mind.


Highly efficient solar battery

The customer support offered is unbeatable

Lightweight and portable

Multiple outlets for powering multiple appliances simultaneously

Charging via solar, wall outlet, or car charger.


Low runtime of around 1 hour

Expensive compared to other models

It might not be suitable for heavy-duty power needs

Installation and setup can be time-consuming

The Anker 767 Solar Generator is a great renewable energy source for apartments that want to reduce their carbon footprint. It offers efficient, powerful storage and multiple outlets for powering multiple appliances simultaneously.

Despite its high cost, it is still an excellent choice if you want to make your apartment eco-friendly. Consult a professional to determine the suitable wattage for your needs. Also, ensure you properly understand how to use and maintain the best indoor generator for optimal performance.

DuroMax XP13000HXT 500cc
DuroMax XP13000HXT 500cc


Tri Fuel Technology: Gasoline, Propane, and natural gas

Engine Type: 500cc OHV 4-stroke

Fuel Tanks Capacity: 8.3 gals

Wattage: 13,000W

Volts: 240 V

Portable: on Wheels

The home power backup battery management system can be valuable during a power outage. During a blackout, it can power your lighting system, AC, appliances, and other electronics.

The DuroMax generator model uses tri-fuel technology, which allows you to choose between natural gas, gasoline, and propane. Having the option of three fuels makes it a great choice for homeowners with access to all three fuel sources. Depending on the fuel choice, it has a maximum output of 13,000W.

The automatic voltage regulation ensures a stable and continuous power supply, while the low-oil shut-off feature protects your engine from damage. The powerful engine also allows users to connect multiple power outlets simultaneously.

Whether it’s your first time using such a generator, this model is easy to set up and start. It uses an advanced computer interface that allows you to view your generator status. You can see the gas gauge, load gauge, temperature gauge, voltage, and frequency indicators from the interface.


Safety features like CO detector, which allows you to monitor your carbon monoxide levels

Low oil shut-off feature to protect the engine

A remote start/stop button for convenience

The fully loaded power panel includes four 120V outlets, one 240V twist lock outlet, and one 12V DC auto port.


It is on the expensive side compared to other models

The generator is not as quiet, which may be an issue if you have neighbors nearby.

The fuel tank’s capacity is relatively low, so you may need to refuel more often.

Whether you need a home backup generator or a camping generator, the DuroMax XP13000HXT generator is a great choice. Thanks to the high-grade components used in its construction, you can count on its reliable performance and durability.

Contact the customer support team for any technical assistance you may require. They will help you get the most out of this generator.

PowerSmart Gas Generator
PowerSmart Gas Generator


Engine Type: 4 Stroke

Running Wattage: 1000 - 4500W

Running Engine: Gas Powered

Portable: Easy to Transport

The portable 1500 Watts PowerSmart Gas Generator provides backup emergency power in apartments. It’s lightweight, has a low-noise operation, and features an easy start-up. It’s great for powering small appliances, lights, and electronics during a power outage.

The generator offers stable output for sensitive electronics like computers, phones, and TVs. It also features an automatic low oil shut-off to protect the engine.

The PowerSmart Gas Generator is an excellent, reliable, and affordable generator option. It’s available in different sizes with more energy output. 

Below are key highlights of the benefits and drawbacks:


Easy to start up

Low noise operation

Can power-sensitive electronics and appliances

Automatic low oil shut-off feature


Low power output compared to other generators

No optional natural gas conversion kit is available

If your apartment has a natural gas connection, consider the 3500-watt generator. It offers plenty of power to keep your lights and electronics on during a blackout. It is designed to run on natural gas, making it a great eco-friendly option.

When choosing a gas powered generator for your apartment, always consider your needs. Based on the features and performance of the PowerSmart Gas Generator, it’s an excellent choice for providing backup power during a blackout.

Solar Generator
G-POWER Portable Power Station


Capacity: 556.8Wh

Engine Type: 4 Stroke

Input Voltage: 12V/24V DC, 15A AC

Portable: 10.6 Pounds


G-Power constantly works to build renewable energy sources. Their Portable Power Station 556.8Wh Solar Generator is ideal for homeowners looking for an alternative energy source. It’s a great generator to power your lights and small electronics during a blackout.

You can charge the generator using four methods: AC wall outlet, car charger, solar panel, or hand crank. It makes it easy to get the generator up and running quickly in an emergency.

The generator’s long battery life makes it a great buy for those looking to invest in an alternative power source that can last them for years.


The generator is solar-powered, so it’s a great eco-friendly option

The power capacity of 974.4Wh and a 1200W rated output allows you to power some of your larger electronics.

It’s lightweight and portable, making it easy to move around as needed.

The LifePO4 battery has a long life, so you don’t have to worry about replacing it often.


It doesn’t come with a solar panel, so you’ll need to purchase one separately.

It’s an expensive option compared to other generators.

Whether you are looking for an eco-friendly option or a more reliable generator, consider the G-Power 556.8Wh Solar Generator. It’s an efficient generator with clean energy and long battery life, making it an ideal option for investing in a renewable energy source.

The portability of the generator also makes it great for those who want to use it in different locations.

If you have any challenges setting up the generator, you can get help from G-Power’s customer service team.

Westinghouse 12500 Peak Watt Tri Fuel
Westinghouse 12500 Peak Watt Tri Fuel


Dual Fuel Powered: Gasoline, Propane or Natural Gas

Engine Type: 4 Stroke 457cc OHV 

Tank Volume: 6.6 Gallons

Voltage: 240 Volts

Wattage: 12500 Peak Watts and up to 9500 Running Watts

Portable: on Wheels

The Tri Fuel Generator from Westinghouse is efficient for anyone looking to power their apartment. It provides up to 12500 and 10000 running watts, so it can easily handle your appliances.

It runs on gasoline, propane, or natural gas so that you can choose the most convenient fuel for your needs. It has a weather-resistant steel frame, so you don’t have to worry about any unexpected issues.

The plug-and-play has a remote start-up feature and is relatively quiet so that you won’t disturb your neighbors. A heavy-duty 457cc OHV engine powers it so you can trust it will last long.

The generator features two GFCI 120V outlets and two 120V twist lock outlets, making it easy to power multiple appliances simultaneously.


Less noisy than other models

It runs on gasoline, propane, or natural gas for added versatility

Remote start-up capability

Easy to use and set up.


Expensive compared to other models

The steel frame is less durable than aluminum frames.

Heavy and bulky, so it might be challenging to move around.

Not suitable for heavy-duty power needs.

The Westinghouse 12500 Peak Watt Tri-Fuel Home Backup Portable Generator is a good choice for apartments with multiple appliances that need powering. It is reliable and powerful, so you can trust it to keep your home running.

Consult a professional to determine the suitable wattage for your needs. Also, ensure you properly understand how to use and maintain the generator for optimal performance.

Jackery Solar Generator 1000
Jackery Solar Generator 1000


Power Source: Solar Powered

Capacity: 1002Wh

Wattage: 3x1000W

Volts: 110 V

Portable: 34 Pounds

Super-Quiet: 7dB at 7m

The Jackery Solar Generator 1000 is a great choice for homeowners who value their environmental impact. It has a 1002Wh capacity with two integrated SolarSaga 100W solar panels that help to keep it charged.

The generator is lightweight and highly portable, making it ideal for anyone looking to take it on the go. It has a variety of outputs, including two AC outlets and four USB ports. It also features a bright LED display that lets you easily view the power level and other information.

The Jackery Solar Generator 1000 is relatively expensive. Still, it’s a significant investment if you’re looking to power your apartment with a renewable energy source.

The generator is safe and reliable, so you won’t have to worry about technical issues. Making it ideal for outdoor or indoor generator use. Also, the lithium-ion battery can last up to 500 complete cycles, which is excellent for long-term use.


It can last around 5 hours when used with solar or wall charging.

The LED display makes it easy to monitor power level and other information

Silent and produces no emission

It can concurrently output power while being charged by solar.


Not suitable for heavy-duty power usage

Expensive compared to other models

The solar panels are sold separately

Don’t get caught off guard by unexpected power outages. The Jackery Solar Generator 1000 is perfect for those who want to power their apartment with renewable energy sources.

When purchasing the generator, consult a professional to help determine suitable solar panel requirements for your area. Also, inquire about the warranty and maintenance requirements to get the most out of your generator.

Its high-capacity battery, reliable high power output, and environmental benefits make it a great choice. It is also lightweight and highly portable, making it ideal for taking on the road.

Generac 7127 IQ3500
Generac 7127 IQ3500


Engine Type: 4 Stroke

Running Wattage: 3500W

Power Source: Gas powered

Portable: 109.1 Pounds 

Ultra-Quiet: 58 dBA (Eco No load: 53 dBA)

USB ports

The gas powered Generac 7127 IQ3500 generator is ideal for apartments. It’s a reliable and efficient indoor generator for apartments that provides plenty of power for your essential appliances and electronics.

The automatic start-up feature makes it easy to get the generator running when needed. At the same time, the low-noise operation ensures your neighbors won’t be disturbed. The electric start makes getting the generator running in an emergency even easier.

The Generac 7127 is portable, meaning you can also use it for outdoor activities like camping, RVing, and tailgating. The fully enclosed design also makes it a safe option for apartments as portable indoor generator.


Ulta quiet operation, making it great if you have neighbors

Portable, so you can quickly move it for use in different locations

Low fuel consumption

Low oil shut-off automatic start-up.


The oil fill port is difficult to access, making it vulnerable to overfilling and spills.

The price is on the high end.

Most apartments don’t need a generator with a high wattage output. Therefore, the Generac 7127 IQ3500 3,500-Watt generator is an excellent choice. It provides plenty of power to keep your essential appliances and electronics running during a blackout.

You should follow the manual instructions carefully when setting up the generator and check the oil levels regularly. With proper maintenance, you can rely on the Generac 7127 to provide continious power when needed.

Comparison of the Above Generators Based on Power Output, Affordability, and Portability

Clients often have different needs for a generator, and the above products have their own advantages. You can choose a generator that best suits your needs based on your budget, environmental consciousness, power output needs, and other factors.

The analysis will offer a summary of the best generators based on the following categories:

Power Output

The Westinghouse 12500 Peak Watt comes out on top in this regard, offering up to 10,000W of maximum power output. This is ideal if your apartment has several appliances requiring many wattages.

You can also use the Anker 767 with a maximum of 2400 watts.

The Portable Power Station, G-Power 556.8Wh Solar Generator, is a great option if you’re looking for indoor generators with even lower wattage outputs.


The G-Power 556.8Wh Solar Generator is the most affordable choice on the list, offering plenty of power for an economical price. This is your best pick if you’re on a budget and need a reliable generator.

The Anker 767 is the most expensive option. But it offers plenty of features like excellent solar capture, multiple outlets for powering multiple appliances, and a low carbon footprint.


If you need something lightweight and easy to transport, The G-Power 556.8Wh Solar Generator will meet your needs. It weighs around 6.8 pounds, making it incredibly portable and easy to maneuver.

The Anker 767 is a bit heavier, weighing 42.3 pounds. However, its foldable design makes it easy to store and transport.


When choosing a generator, it’s important to consider your power output needs, budget, and portability requirements. The best option for you will depend on what you’re looking for.

Always consult a professional to determine the suitable wattage for your needs. Most professionals understand the importance of renewable energy. They will guide you in selecting a generator that best meets your needs. 

Communicate your needs clearly when consulting a professional and ensure proper generator maintenance for optimal performance. You should also consider any future needs for a generator and pick one that will meet them.

Don’t be caught off guard in a power outage. Investing in the right battery generator will provide enough backup power to keep your appliances and lights running during an emergency.

For more information about how to prepare to survive in power outages or other natural disasters – Check out our Prepping List!

Contact us today to get started on selecting the best generator for your apartment. We look forward to helping you find the perfect generator to meet your needs!