How We Review Products

At SafeBlackout, we delve deep into the world of survival tools, emergency preparedness kits, and blackout safety solutions, recognizing the weight of our duty in such life-preserving topics.

Your safety and the well-being of your loved ones aren’t just casual concerns—it’s a paramount priority, especially if you’re dedicating time to equip and educate yourself for unforeseen events.

That’s why we’re unwavering in maintaining the strictest of standards for our reviews and suggestions. Curious about our meticulous selection process? Here’s a glimpse into how we handpick the resources and tips you discover in our guides.

Review Guidelines

We do:

Here is everything we look for before we feature a product on our pages.


Survival and emergency preparedness equipment is subject to various guidelines to ensure it’s reliable and effective during critical moments.

Yet, astonishingly, not all equipment gets the green light from every authoritative body.

Since these regulatory agencies often have differing opinions on what constitutes reliable and essential emergency gear, and given their diverse areas of expertise, for optimal preparedness, we delve into approval ratings from ALL the following institutions:

Extensively scour through user reviews

It would be convenient for brands to handpick top-notch survival gear or emergency kits and send them to us for stellar reviews.

That’s why we lean heavily on the collective insights of the community to gauge the true efficacy of a brand’s offerings.

We painstakingly sift through both positive and negative testimonials regarding every product we endorse.

Furthermore, we frequently connect with these users to probe further, gaining insights into their hands-on experiences, ensuring that our content genuinely echoes the voices of those in the field.

Positive Review:

Positive review example

Positive review example

Negative Review:

Negative review example

Negative review example

Study the product line & brand history

Have you come across the saying “History repeats itself”? We believe this axiom holds just as true for survival gear and emergency preparations.

Before vouching for a new product or brand in the realm of preparedness and safety, we delve deeply into their historical track record and operational practices to assess potential pitfalls for you.

Here’s a snapshot of the critical areas we scrutinize when evaluating a new product or brand:

  • Brand & product line’s voluntary recall history for defects or failures.
  • Manufacturing facilities and their history of reliability.
  • Any warnings or advisories from emergency preparedness institutions.
  • Origin of manufacturing.
  • Brand partnerships or affiliations.
  • Any name alterations to obscure past discrepancies or failures.
  • Recent changes in ownership, manufacturing techniques, or product specifications.

Scrutinize Product Specifications & Seek Expert Approval

Before a product graces our pages, we have a team of experienced survivalists and emergency professionals meticulously examining the specifications provided by the manufacturer AND the performance results verified by independent labs.

This ensures that any gear or resource you encounter in our buying guides is of the highest standard, poised to address all your survival and preparedness needs effectively.

Consider the scenario, environment & individual needs

Given that our guides frequently address specific scenarios such as urban survival, wilderness emergencies, or power outages, we consult our team of emergency preparedness experts to study & ensure that the product recommendations are tailored best for the context presented in each guide.

Examine the brand’s promotional assertions

Brands often make bold promises related to survival efficiency and emergency readiness to boost sales.

We meticulously assess their marketing content and dissect it element by element to ensure you have a clear and accurate understanding of the equipment or resource you’re considering for your preparedness needs.

Grasp the product’s pricing & purpose strategy

There are survival and emergency tools suitable for all budgets and needs. We aim to encompass a diverse range in each of our guides, ensuring you always have access to a budget-friendly choice, a best-value option, and a high-end selection at the very least.

We also make an effort to address specialized requirements, such as compact designs for urban prepping, advanced tools for wilderness survival, or blackout-specific gear.

Examine the procurement possibilities

What’s the value of identifying the ideal emergency kit or survival gear if it’s inaccessible or requires an extended wait, especially if you’re in a remote location?

That’s why we evaluate average shipping durations, associated costs, geographic coverage for deliveries, and return policies in case the product doesn’t meet your expectations.

Brands that provide superior accessibility and flexibility earn higher placements on our pages.

Value your input and experiences

Every article on our site features a feedback section at the conclusion, allowing you to highlight what resonated with you and what areas might need further attention in the realm of survival and emergency preparedness.

We don’t:

Things you will NEVER find on SafeBlackout.

Refuse Sponsorship Deals

Numerous brands eagerly offer us attractive sums to gain prime visibility on our pages, but we consistently decline such offers. We believe our editorial duty is to provide you with the very best in survival and preparedness, prioritizing safety over profit.

Never Post Without In-depth Investigation

Each of our articles undergoes rigorous scrutiny and research. We don’t make suggestions or endorse products lightly. Rest assured, if you find it on our platform, it has been vetted according to our stringent standards, making our advice trustworthy.

Uphold Expert and Regulatory Recommendations

In an age where skepticism towards authoritative bodies can be rampant, WE STAND FIRM. If an emergency preparedness expert or relevant regulatory agency advises against a product or practice, you won’t find it endorsed on our site, irrespective of personal inclinations or trends.