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Best Folding Saw for Bushcraft

For those passionate about outdoor activities, having the best folding saw can significantly impact a bushcraft experience. Proper tools can help with tasks such as clearing trails and creating shelters, allowing for adequate survival using natural resources. 

In this article, we will delve into the types of folding saws that are suitable for bushcraft purposes and compare their features to help you select the ideal tool for your specific needs.

The Best Folding Saw for Bushcraft

After thorough research and analysis, we have determined the top folding saws for bushcraft. These saws have been tested for their durability, efficiency, and overall performance in outdoor settings.

In Short:

Best for Pruning and Landscaping – The Corona RazorTooth
Best for Camping and Bushcraft – Bahco 396-LAP Laplander
Best for Backpacking and Emergency Situations – Sportsman Pocket Chainsaw
Best for Hunting and Game Processing – Primos Folding Saw
Best Budget – Coghlan’s Folding Saw
Best for All-Around Utility Tasks – Kershaw Taskmaster Folding Saw
Best for Professional Arborists and Forestry Tasks – Silky Ultra Accel Professional
Best for Long-term Wilderness Expeditions – AGAWA – BOREAL21
Best for Woodworking and Carpentry – Silky Gomboy Folding Hand Saw
Best for DIY enthusiasts and Home Use – 8 Inch Rugged Blade Hand Saw
Best for Compact Portability and Everyday Carry – Silky Pocketboy

Best for Pruning and Landscaping
Best for Pruning and Landscaping - The Corona RazorTooth


3-sided razor teeth for efficient cutting: Ideal for cutting 5"-6" diameter branches, from small to medium size.
Ergonomically designed co-molded handle: Provides a comfortable grip for extended use
Easy to latch folding blade: Curved, taper-ground, replaceable blade prevents injury when not in use.
Impulse hardened teeth: Ensures long service life and durability season after season.
Up to 6 teeth per inch with curved blade design: Enables faster and smoother cuts than traditional saws.

This Small but Mighty Saw has a locking mechanism that keeps the blade secure when cutting and stowing away. With a soft rubber grip and ergonomic handle, it’s comfortable to use and won’t slip out of your hand.

The 7-inch 65Mn spring-steel blade and triple ground tooth pattern make it perfect for piercing through hard bone and wood.

In our testing, it was the fastest saw we tried, cutting through a 4-1/2-inch diameter log in just 24 seconds. So if you’re looking for a reliable and efficient folding saw for your bushcraft adventures, the Corona RazorTooth should be on your radar.


Durability – Made with high-quality materials, the Corona Razortooth is a long-lasting tool that can withstand harsh surfaces and avoid wear and tear.

Fast-Cutting – The Corona Razortooth can efficiently cut through even the toughest branches and limbs due to its aggressive curved blade.

Ergonomic Grip – The bi-colored grip is designed to fit comfortably in the user’s hand, making it easy to handle and use for extended periods.

Lightweight – Despite its solid build, the Corona Razortooth is still lightweight, making it a convenient and easy-to-use option. 


Not Suitable for Delicate Twigs – The aggressive cutting action of the Corona Razortooth may not be well-suited for trimming smaller branches or delicate twigs.

Blade May Bend During Hard Use – The blade of the Corona Razortooth may bend slightly with heavy usage, which could be a concern for those who require precision cutting.

Best for Camping and Bushcraft
Best for Camping and Bushcraft - Bahco 396-LAP Laplander


7-1/2-inch blade with 7 teeth per inch (TPI): Ideal for cutting both green and dry wood, plastic, or bone.
XT Toothing: Ensures efficient cutting performance.
Rust-protected and low-friction blade coating: Increases durability and eases the cutting process.
Designed for wildlife enthusiasts, hunters, and campers: A must-have tool for outdoor adventures.
Safety lock feature: Ensures the saw is locked in both open and closed positions.

The Bahco 396-LAP Laplander folding saw is an ideal tool for bushcraft enthusiasts. It is both powerful and compact, suitable for any wilderness job. Its sawblade strikes the perfect balance between length and shortness, enabling easy handling of larger branches and wood pieces, even for people with larger hands.

When opened up, the Laplander folding saw measures 16 inches in length, with the sawblade and handle being 7.5 and 9 inches, respectively. Surprisingly, the Laplander saw only weighs 7 ounces, making it lightweight and easy to carry around.

The Laplander saw’s folding mechanism and plastic handle are solidly built and robust, capable of withstanding heavy usage without breaking. Moreover, the sawblade boasts a unique anti-rust and friction-reducing coating, making it highly durable and rugged, even in the most challenging situations.


Durability – The Bahco 396-LAP Laplander features a strong carbon steel blade built to last for years.

Lightweight – Weighing just 7.1 ounces, the lightweight design means the saw is easy to carry and won’t weigh you down on outdoor adventures.

Affordable – Priced affordably, the Bahco 396-LAP Laplander is budget-friendly and ideal for those looking for a reliable saw without breaking the bank.

Compact Design – The 9-inch folded length makes it easy to store and transport, ensuring it won’t take up too much space in your backpack.


Shorter Stroke Length – The saw’s shorter stroke length requires more effort to make cuts, which can be a drawback when working on larger cutting tasks.

Not Suitable for Larger Branches – The Bahco 396-LAP Laplander may not be the best option for larger branches or more substantial cutting tasks due to its shorter blade size.

Non-replaceable Blade Teeth – The teeth on the saw’s blade cannot be re-sharpened, meaning the entire blade will need to be replaced if it wears down.

Best for Backpacking and Emergency Situations
Best for Backpacking and Emergency Situations - Sportsman Pocket Chainsaw


36-inch long high carbon steel chain: Offers effective cutting through all types of wood.
Lightweight and portable design: Ideal for camping, hunting, tree cutting, or emergency situations.
Rugged cross-stitched handles: Ensures a comfortable and secure grip during use.
Free fire starter: Adds versatility to your survival gear.
Heavy-duty nylon storage pouch: Includes a front snap clip and belt loop for easy transportation.
Suitable for various tasks: Pruning trees, cutting high branches, and tackling thick limbs.

Regarding bushcraft, having a reliable folding saw is a must-have tool. The Sportsman Pocket Chainsaw fits the bill as one of the best folding saws for bushcraft. This saw boasts a 36-inch long chain made of high-carbon heat-treated steel that enables you to handle large chunks of wood with ease. 

The bi-directional cutting motion lessens the drag, making the saw efficient and effective. The sturdy handles with metal brackets provide an excellent grip, ensuring you can safely work with the saw. 

Moreover, this saw is lightweight, weighing under 5 ounces, and comes with a carry-all nylon bag for easy transport. And if that’s not enough, you’ll also receive an 8mm magnesium fire starter. With all these features, the Sportsman Pocket Chainsaw is a tool you want to have in your bushcraft kit.


Compact Design – The Sportsman Pocket Chainsaw is compact and easy to carry, making it ideal for outdoor enthusiasts on-the-go.

Durability – The chainsaw’s carbon steel teeth are highly durable, enabling them to handle even the most rigid outdoor materials.

Rugged Handles – The rugged handles provide a solid grip and added strength to the tool, ensuring that users can rely on its performance.

Fire Starter Accessory – The Sportsman Pocket Chainsaw comes with an additional fire starter, making it a multi-purpose tool that can be useful for camping and other outdoor adventures.


Low Blade Density – The chainsaw’s low blade density can make cutting through thicker branches or logs more difficult and time-consuming.

Muscle Strength Required – Using the Sportsman Pocket Chainsaw may be difficult or impossible for those with weaker arms or physical limitations.

Best for Hunting and Game Processing
Best for Hunting and Game Processing - Primos Folding Saw


Compact folding design: Allows for easy storage and transportation.
Offset teeth: Designed for smooth and effortless cutting through wood.
Push-button lock: Ensures safety and simplicity when using the saw.
Lightweight nylon handle: Over-molded with a sure-grip rubber coating for a comfortable grip.
High-speed steel blade: Durable and effective for cutting through various materials.
Multi-purpose use: Ideal for hunting, camping, and other outdoor activities.

If you’re looking for a reliable folding saw for your next bushcraft adventure, the Primos Folding Saw offers some great features. One of its standout qualities is its ability to make cuts on both push and pull strokes, making it quite efficient. 

The blade is also sturdy, with just the right amount of flexibility and thickness, giving you the power to tackle shrubs and branches effortlessly.

Additionally, it’s lightweight enough to transport on your belt or add to your backpack easily. While there are a few drawbacks, such as the blade not always lining up straight when closing and being slower than other models, the Primos Folding Saw is still a solid choice for anyone looking for a reliable tool outdoors.


Durability – The Primos Folding Saw is made with high-quality materials that can handle tough surfaces and avoid wear and tear.

Lightweight – Weighing just a few ounces, it is incredibly lightweight and easy to carry, making it convenient for any outdoorsman to bring anywhere.

Affordable – Compared to other saws on the market, this tool is relatively inexpensive, which makes it an excellent investment for those with limited budgets.

Compact Design – Its slim and compact design allows for easy storage in a backpack making it an ideal tool for individuals who are always on the go. 


Blade Wobbling – One major issue with the saw is that the blade can sometimes wobble, which can make it challenging to make precise cuts

Rough Handle – The handle on the Primos Folding Saw can be rough and uncomfortable, which can cause blisters.


21-inch serrated saw blade: Efficiently cuts through wood, meat, or metal.
Rugged anodized aluminum frame: Holds extra blades and ensures durability.
Compact folding design: Folds down for easy storage and transportation, weighing only 16 ounces.
Multi-surface compatibility: Suitable for use on wood and metal surfaces.
Essential camping gear: Ideal for camping, backpacking, backcountry treks, and hunting.
Highly-rated: 4.6 out of 5 stars from over 1,000 ratings, indicating high customer satisfaction.

The saw folds flat like its counterparts, but what sets it apart is the way it forms a triangle when the blade extends.

In addition, the handle protrudes out at one end, giving it an L shape that resembles a lumberjack’s saw. This unique design makes it easy to use and gives the saw an attractive aesthetic appeal. However, inserting an extra blade into the storage compartment requires patience. 

Despite its large size, the Coghlan’s Folding Saw is surprisingly lightweight, making it perfect for outdoor adventures.


Durability – The saw’s twenty-one-inch serrated blade is made of high-quality materials to cut through even the thickest branches, making it a sturdy and durable tool.

Bow Design – The unique bow design provides extra leverage that makes the saw easier to use, reducing the amount of effort you need to exert while getting the job done.

Integrated Storage – The saw’s aluminum frame has integrated storage that keeps extra blades in place. Hence, they are always right where you need them for your next job.

Lightweight – At only sixteen ounces, the Coghlan’s Folding Saw is incredibly lightweight, making it portable and easy to store when not in use. 


21-inch serrated blade – which may not be suitable for all cutting tasks, especially when dealing with larger logs or branches.

Plastic Hinge Issues – Some users have reported problems with the plastic hinge breaking, which can render the saw unusable, posing a risk to its overall durability.

Best for All-Around Utility Tasks
Best for All-Around Utility Tasks - Kershaw Taskmaster Folding Saw


7-inch serrated high carbon steel blade: Ensures efficient cutting through tough materials.
One-handed release: Allows for easy folding and unfolding with the push of a button.
Textured glass-filled nylon handle: Reinforced for increased strength and wear resistance, with grey and black rubber molding for an enhanced grip.
Multi-purpose tool: Ideal for hunting, fishing, camping, farming, landscaping, survival, and emergencies.
Compact folding design: Enables convenient carrying and storage.
Safe locking system: Prevents the blade from closing during use, ensuring safety while in use.

The Kershaw Taskmaster Folding Saw is a top contender for the best folding saws on the market. With a blade length of roughly 7 inches and a serrated tooth design, this lightweight saw can handle pruning larger branches, greenwood, wet and dead wood, and even cutting firewood.

Its one-handed folding design makes it easy to disengage and deploy the blade safely and effectively, especially with its push-button lock. The Kershaw Taskmaster is worth considering if you need a dependable and versatile folding saw for your bushcraft endeavors.


Lightweight – Weighing just a few ounces, the saw is easy to maneuver and handle, making it an ideal addition to any outdoor gear collection.

Compact Design – Its slim and compact design makes this saw easy to store and transport, making it perfect for outdoor adventures.

Sturdy Locking System – Equipped with a secure locking mechanism, this folding saw can easily and efficiently tackle even the most demanding cutting tasks.

Affordable – it is a cost-effective option for bushcraft enthusiasts, making it an excellent value for the price.


Screws May Fall Off – One of the most significant drawbacks of the saw is the potential for screws to fall off the saw when too much force is applied.

Lacks Anti-Corrosion Coating – Another drawback is the lack of an anti-corrosion coating on the blade, leading to damage or rust over time.

Best for Professional Arborists and Forestry Tasks
Best for Professional Arborists and Forestry Tasks - Silky Ultra Accel Professional


Curved blade: Designed for maximum speed and efficiency, especially when cutting above shoulder height.
Lightweight aluminum chassis: Ensures sturdiness and durability without adding extra weight.
Easy-grip rubberized handle: Offers comfort and stability during use.
Proprietary Silky MIRAI-ME Technology: Features precision-ground, razor-sharp teeth with four cutting angles for fast, clean, and smooth cutting.
Impulse Hardening Technology: Increases teeth hardness and sharpness, lasting three times longer than non-hardened teeth.
Folding design: Provides portability and convenience while maintaining the stability of a fixed-blade saw.
9.5-inch (240mm) blade length: With a cutting capacity of 4.7 inches, suitable for various tasks.

The Silky Ultra Accel Professional is worth considering when finding the ideal folding saw for bushcraft. Its blade length is not too short and not too long, making it easy to carry around without inconvenience.

Its versatility and lightweight are impressive, allowing you to tackle most tasks easily. 

The blades are simple to change, so you can always have a fresh, sharp blade available to do the job. Although it may not be suitable for large workloads, the Silky Ultra Accel Professional is still an excellent option for most bushcraft chores.


Long Curved Blade – Measuring 9.5 inches, the saw has a long curved blade that easily completes even the most challenging pruning tasks.

Lightweight – Weighing just over ten ounces, this saw is lightweight and can easily carry anywhere.

Ergonomic Handle – The saw has an ergonomic handle, ensuring users can use it comfortably without straining their grip.

Easy Blade Replacement – The saw’s blade replacement process is straightforward, making it a reliable investment for any gardener or arborist.


Expensive – The silky ultra Accel professional saws are relatively costly compared to other brands, making them out of reach for some users with a tight budget.

Blade Durability – Some users report that the blades may not hold up as well as they like, especially when subjected to challenging pruning tasks.

Best for Long-term Wilderness Expeditions
Best for Long-term Wilderness Expeditions - AGAWA - BOREAL21


21-inch folding bow saw: Portable and packable, suitable for camping, backpacking, hunting, and more.
Easy-to-use design: Unfolds and snaps into position in seconds, with automatic blade tensioning and no loose parts.
Lightweight: Weighs only 18oz (530g), making it easy to carry on outdoor adventures.
Ergonomic and efficient: Features a high-clearance frame for large diameter cuts and an optimized geometry for effective sawing motion and strokes.
Durable construction: Built with anodized 6063 aluminum frame, fiberglass reinforced nylon handle, and stainless steel hardware.
Weatherproof: All stainless steel hardware ensures no rust and long-lasting performance.
High-quality blade: Swedish-made, rust-protective coated blade with an all-purpose raker tooth pattern, impulse hardened for durability.

Regarding bushcraft, having a reliable folding saw is a must-have in your kit. The AGAWA – BOREAL21, number 9 on our list of the best folding saws, is a true performer. 

The grip on this multi-purpose saw is incredibly comfortable, thanks to its non-chilling ergonomic fiberglass-reinforced nylon handle. Plus, unlike other saws, the blade stays dry, making it ideal for bushcraft, camping, hunting, and farm work. 

With this saw in your arsenal, you can be confident that you’ll be able to handle whatever tasks come your way out in the wilderness.


Portability – It can easily fit into medium to large backpacks, making it an ideal tool for long hikes or camping trips.

Sturdy Blade – The saw’s sturdy blade can easily cut through wood, and the blade is replaceable and relatively inexpensive.

Lightweight – It is incredibly lightweight, making it easy to carry around without feeling too cumbersome.

Quick Folding – The saw is designed to fold and unfold quickly, making it convenient to use and store.


Price – The price of the saw may be steep for some, making it more of an investment rather than an impulse buy.

Safety Risks – If not careful when folding and unfolding, painful cuts can happen. 

Best for Woodworking and Carpentry
Best for Woodworking and Carpentry - Silky Gomboy Folding Hand Saw


Improved 240mm Curved Blade: Enhances cutting performance with impulse hardened teeth and a 1.4mm blade thickness.
Multiple Applications: Ideal for pruning, camping, hiking, hunting, and other outdoor activities.
Custom Carrying Case: Comes with a hard plastic case for convenient storage and portability.
Chrome Plated & Taper Ground Blade: Provides exceptional strength, balance, and superior finish quality.
MIRAI-ME Technology: Offers precision-ground, razor-sharp teeth with four cutting angles for fast, clean, and smooth cutting.
Impulse Hardening Technology: Increases durability, with hardened teeth that stay sharp about three times longer than non-hardened teeth.

For bushcraft adventures, having the right tools can make all the difference. When it comes to folding saws, the Silky Gomboy Folding Hand Saw stands out among the best. 

With 6.5 teeth per inch, the blade’s density provides a quick and efficient cut. But don’t let its power fool you, the taper-honed and chrome-plated blades have the strength to last a long time. 

The 9.5-inch blade length is perfect for most cutting tasks, and greenwood and lumber are easily cut. One of the most impressive features of this saw is the buttery-smooth cuts it produces. 

Plus, the spring-loaded lock ensures the blade stays secure during use, and the rubber-padded handle with its textured grip provides comfort and ease of use. The Silky Gomboy Folding Hand Saw is a must-have tool for any bushcraft enthusiast.


Durable – The Silky Gomboy Folding Hand Saw’s chrome-plated blade ensures a long-lasting tool that can easily handle rigid branches.  

Efficient – The saw’s induction-hardened teeth guarantee a smooth and efficient cut, making it an ideal tool for any outdoor adventure.  

Stylish – Its excellent finish adds a touch of class to any camping trip or outdoor activity.

Portable – With a spring-loaded lock, it can be easily stored in a pack or pocket, making it a reliable and valuable addition to any outdoor enthusiast’s gear. 


Costly – Some users may find the Silky Gomboy Folding Hand Saw expensive.  

Uncomfortable Grip – The handle design may only be suitable for some users, with some feeling that it can be uncomfortable or difficult to grip.

Best for DIY enthusiasts and Home Use
Best for DIY enthusiasts and Home Use - 8 Inch Rugged Blade Hand Saw


SK-5 Steel Blade: Designed for various activities, including gardening, camping, survival, bushcraft, landscaping, hunting, and cutting wood.
Ergonomic Non-Slip Handle: Features an ergonomic non-slip handle with a leather strap for added stability and maneuverability.
Enhanced Safety: Equipped with a 2-angle adjustable blade, folding design, and secure blocking system for safe and convenient use.
Multi-Purpose & Versatile: Ideal for a wide range of activities such as camping, hiking, hunting, and cutting wood.
Durable & Lightweight: Crafted with durable stainless steel and weighing only 7.4 ounces, making it easy to carry and use.

The 8 Inch Rugged Blade Hand Saw is a compact and affordable tool for camping, hiking, and outdoor activities. While it may not have the versatility of larger saws, its compact size makes it easy to carry around in a backpack or gear bag. 

Despite its small size, the blade of this saw is still a decent length, making it suitable for cutting through small to medium-sized branches and limbs. It’s also ruggedly built, which means it’s durable enough to withstand rough handling in the field. 

One of the best things about this saw is its affordability. It’s an excellent option for those who want to spend less money on a saw but want something reliable and effective. Plus, the satisfaction guarantee ensures that users will be happy with their purchase even if they end up using it more than expected.


Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee – It comes with a money-back guarantee, which gives buyers peace of mind knowing they can return the product if unsatisfied.

Very Inexpensive – This hand saw is affordable, making it accessible for those who want an efficient cutting tool without breaking the bank.

Two-Angle Adjustable Blade – The saw’s blade can be adjusted to two different angles, allowing for more versatility in cutting through various materials.

Compact (Eight Inches) And Lightweight (Under Nine Ounces) – This saw’s compact size and lightweight nature make it easy to transport and use in various locations.


Will Not Easily Cut Through Hard Plastic or Bone – It may not be effective in cutting through materials like hard plastic or bone, limiting its functionality.

Unknown Origin or Manufacturing Location – More information about this product’s origin and manufacturing location must be available.

Best for Compact Portability and Everyday Carry
Best for Compact Portability and Everyday Carry - Silky Pocketboy


Fast Cutting Speed: Curved blade and pull-cut technology result in a cutting speed 15-20% faster than straight blade PocketBoys.
130mm Blade Length: 5-inch blade with 6.8 teeth per inch configuration and a 2.6" cut capacity for efficient cutting.
Impulse Hardening: Teeth are heated instantly and hardened, staying sharp approximately three times longer than non-hardened teeth.
Mirai-Me Technology: Four cutting angles along the blade length for smooth, versatile cutting (rip-cut, cross-cut, and slant cut).
Hard Chrome Plating: Resistant to rust and the effects of resin, ensuring a highly durable surface.
Compact and Portable: Weighing only 0.37 pounds, it includes a clear plastic flip-lock carrying case with a belt clip.

The Silky Pocketboy Saw has impressive teeth that can handle cutting through softwood, hardwood, greenwood, and even dead branches. Moreover, the teeth are corrosion-resistant and won’t get clogged with dirt. 

Made from high-carbon steel with chrome plating, the blade is also rust-resistant, making it durable for repeated use. Additionally, the locking mechanism ensures you won’t have to touch the ground while cutting branches, as you can position the blade at an undercut angle. 


ProReliable – The Silky Pocketboy saw is a dependable cutting tool for outdoor enthusiasts and DIY-ers, ensuring your cutting needs are met every time. #1

Blade Interchangeability – The ability to effortlessly switch out blades makes it a versatile saw that can accommodate various cutting needs.

Protective Features – A protective case, belt loop for easy transportation, and a nonslip rubberized handle.

Extra Safety – With two locking positions, the blade provides an extra layer of safety while using the tool.

Resin Resistant – This saw is resistant to resin, a common issue that arises when cutting certain materials. It can be easily cleaned after use.


Flexibility and Breakage – Though efficient, the blade of Silky Pocketboy saw can easily flex and lead to breakage, which is a significant downside when sawing harder or thicker materials.

Limited Functionality – It only has limited functionality as it only cuts using pull strokes, meaning it is less versatile than other saws available in the market.

Not Suitable for Heavy-Duty Projects – The Silky Pocketboy saw might still be suitable for some users. Still, those who require heavy-duty projects may need to consider other options.

How to Choose the Perfect Bushcraft Saw For You

Here’s what to check for when buying a bushcraft saw.

Drywood Vs. Greenwood

When choosing a saw for your next bushcraft adventure, consider the type of wood you’ll be cutting. 

For example, using a woodworking saw blade designed for dry wood to cut through heavy greenwood can prove difficult due to the fine teeth and high number of teeth per inch. While efficient at cutting, these blades often become clogged and trapped with fibers in greenwood. 

On the other hand, saw blades crafted specifically for greenwood have larger gaps between teeth, allowing for a smoother operation through the wood fibers. 


Regarding bushcraft, saw durability should be at the top of your checklist. This tool is essential for survival in the great outdoors, and you want to be caught with a reliable saw blade. The rugged terrain and unpredictable weather can easily damage a blade that isn’t built to last. 

A saw that breaks, corrodes, or has a handle that can’t hold up to the rigors of bushcraft use can be ineffective and, in some cases, dangerous. Instead, invest in a saw built to withstand the elements and the wear and tear of frequent use. Choose a saw that will last, so you can rely on it when needed.

Intended Use

When searching for a bushcraft saw, consider the intended use. Will you chop up tiny amounts of wood for a fire or construct simple structures?

If so, investing in a considerable saw may not be necessary. Instead, a lightweight foldable saw that you could easily carry on a lengthy hike may be the better option.

However, if you plan to use the saw frequently, investing more money in a saw you can depend on is worth investing. Just be sure to check that replacement blades are available online or at a store near you. 


A lightweight saw is crucial for bush crafting because it needs to be portable enough to carry wherever you go. You also want to avoid being stuck with a bulky saw while you’re trying to construct a shelter or fire, as this can be tiring and laborious. 

Cutting through thick branches or logs requires a lot of effort, and if your saw is too heavy, it will only make the process more difficult. Therefore, opting for a lightweight saw is practical and smart for anyone serious about bush crafting.

Teeth Per Inch

While a higher number of teeth per inch may result in a more refined cut, it also means a slower sawing process. On the other hand, lower teeth per inch count may result in a rougher cut but will allow for a quicker finish. 

Finding the right balance between speed and precision is key when selecting a folding saw. Considering the intended use of the saw and the type of wood being cut helps make this decision easier. 


Among the must-haves, compactness is a priority. A saw that is too big and cumbersome to carry easily will hinder your overall experience. 

Anytime you need to transport it by strapping it to your pack, you risk exposing it to harmful elements and damaging it. Plus, if it’s too massive, you may leave it behind when you need it most.

Take a look into our Prepping List for additional items you should always have.

Locking and Safety Mechanism

A reliable folding saw should have some locking mechanism to ensure the blade stays put when it’s not in use. A single or double-locking mechanism is what you should look for. 

With a single-locking mechanism, the blade only locks when it’s opened, while a double-locking mechanism locks both when the blade is opened and closed. 

Some saws use a button-locking mechanism, while others require you to open a clasp. Either way, you want to ensure the blade stays secure when not in use so you don’t have to worry about accidents.


While many saws are designed specifically for cutting through wood, a good bushcraft saw must adapt to various tasks. Whether removing an antler from a moose skull or constructing an emergency shelter, you need the best bushcraft saw that can handle the job.

A longer blade can offer greater adaptability, allowing you to cut through various materials, from plastic to metal. So, if you’re in the market for a bushcraft saw, choose one that offers both versatility and adaptability.


When searching for the best folding saw for bushcraft, it’s essential to consider several factors. Remember your specific needs and choose a saw that will provide the most value. Quality should be a top priority, regardless of the type of blade you select. 

We recommend the Bahco 396-LAP Laplander for camping and bushcraft due to its ruggedness and versatility.
The Silky Ultra Accel Professional for arborists and forestry tasks for its heavy-duty performance.
Both saws offer excellent cutting performance and durability, catering to various needs and preferences.

Take the time to choose the best product, as saw teeth of high quality will last longer and save you money in the long term. With this knowledge, you’ll be well-equipped to find the ideal folding saw for your bush crafting projects.