Mike Roth

Mike Roth

Co-Founder & Electrical Engineer
Power Outage


  • Electrical Engineer with a specialized focus on blackout solutions for homes and businesses.
  • Prolific writer with work featured in esteemed publications like Crave Mag, Kids in the House, and Swagger Magazine.
  • A visionary in the field, Mike doesn't just adapt to the evolving landscape of blackout solutions—he leads the way.


Mike Roth is in the realm of home safety and blackout solutions. His writing is a harmonious blend of meticulous research and creative intuition, ensuring every piece is both informative and inspiring. Mike believes that blackout solutions transcend functionality—they're transformative elements that bolster safety, comfort, and well-being. This philosophy is evident in his work, where he consistently offers readers clarity, relevance, and genuine insight. Mike's passions paint a diverse canvas outside his professional endeavors, from ensuring safety standards at his work to exploring innovative solutions at SafeBlackout.com.


Mike's electrical engineer education, its carved by hands-on experiences, relentless curiosity, and palpable passion. Every challenge he's faced has been a lesson, every success a testament to his dedication. In the dynamic world of blackout solutions, Mike doesn't just stay updated—he embodies the update.

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