Tara Dodrill

Tara Dodrill

Survival & Homesteading Specialist
Survival and Homesteading Techniques
Homeschooling and Self-reliance Education
Homestead Management and Self-sufficient Living


  • Survival and homesteading expert with over 15 years of journalism experience, author of 10 self-reliance books..
  • Co-owner and operator of the Old School Survival Boot Camp, the largest hands-on event in the US for survival, homesteading, and self-reliance enthusiasts.
  • Creator of the Homestead Heritage Explorers homeschool curriculum, a comprehensive learning resource for young survivalists and homesteaders.


Tara Dodrill's journey in the survival and homesteading world is rooted in her passion for self-reliance. She has been a survival and homesteading journalist for nearly 15 years, providing valuable insights through platforms like the Survival Blog, Homesteading.com, and her publication, the Old School Survival Magazine. Her 57-acre survival homestead in Appalachia stands testament to her dedication to the self-reliant lifestyle. Beyond her writings, she's an avid herbalist, empowering many through her workshops to harness the healing power of nature. She's a regular guest on renowned survival podcasts, sharing her expertise and experiences, and has been notably inspired by interactions with industry legends like Dr. William Forstchen.


Tara earned her background in journalism from Ohio University. This formal education, combined with her hands-on experience in the world of survival and homesteading, makes her a trusted voice in the self-reliance community. Her educator role further underlines her commitment to hands-on learning, equipping many to lead a life connected with nature and self-sufficiency.

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